Colne Captures a beast this Hallowe’en

Colne Bid Events Colne Captures a beast this Hallowe’en
Colne Giant spider


Colne Captures a beast this Hallowe’en

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Colne’s Famous Tunnels Yield Horror this Hallowe’en and a giant spider…

TALK of what lies beneath Colne’s cobbled streets has gripped the town for decades.  Some say the tunnels, which are said to criss-cross the High Street and Windy Bank, were dug by an eighteenth-century vicar of St Bartholomew’s who also bought The Red Lion in 1793.

XLCR, whose HQ is sited within this prime area, first noticed a problem with super-sized spiders coming up from its cellar some years ago.  Lee Duerden, XLCR’s CEO explained: “We don’t know whether it is a co-incidence that it is almost Hallowe’en, but we are glad to have been of assistance in this difficult year.  We have managed to trap the largest example in the Glass Box outside the town’s Market.  We are making a plea to people in the Town Centre not to venture into their cellars.”

If people want to see what XLCR staff have captured, they can view the monstrous arachnid in a socially distanced way from Market Street.  Supremely Instagramable, the horrific spider, nestled on a bed of what looks like pumpkin shaped spider eggs, is especially scary at night, as it appears to have “other worldly” luminescence.

Residents and visitors to Colne on 29th October will note that the façade of the XLCR building, Colne’s former Post Office, is festooned in spiders, with another giant example squatting across its roofscape.  Not only that, but other businesses appear to have been plagued by their own spider invasion.  Ash Sutcliffe, proprietor of Live Like the Boy, has also captured his own mini monster in a cage and has christened him “Hairy Harry”.

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