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Colne BID is committed to being a responsible and valuable partner in the supply chain, continuing to build a sustainable business that serves its customers, employees and shareholders and the communities in which they live.

A strong and dynamic supplier base is essential to Colne Bids’ long-term success. Colne BID relies on the expertise and skill of suppliers to meet customers’ changing needs, and we only work with suppliers that comply with all applicable laws, including all applicable labour, employment, environmental, human rights, wage and hour, and health and safety laws.

Colne BIDs is committed to working with its suppliers to develop more efficient, safer and sustainable supply chains by abiding by principles and values outlined in its Handbook which are implemented through local business policies, namely:

  • All business should be conducted in accordance with the laws and regulations of the countries in which the business is located;
  • We expect our suppliers to compete fairly in the markets in which they operate;
  • We expect our suppliers to comply with the principles outlined in our Anti-bribery Policy. Corrupt practices are unacceptable. No bribes or similar payments will be made to, or accepted from, any party. Further, suppliers must not offer gifts above a modest value to any Colne BIDs employee. No Colne BIDs’ employee will accept gifts above a modest value, and no gifts or hospitality will be accepted in the lead up to or during a tender process or contract negotiations;
  • The words and actions of our suppliers should show respect for the diverse range of people and cultures with whom we work and for their human rights;
  • We expect our suppliers to create and maintain a culture of diversity and inclusion;
  • We expect our suppliers to abide by the principles outlined in our Handbook and the Human Rights Act. They must comply with the same minimum working age requirements and ensure that all forms of forced labour are prohibited in their businesses as well as those of their supply chains;
  • As we must work safely and apply industry best practice to health, safety and wellbeing, so too should our suppliers;
  • It is a minimum requirement that all supplier operations comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations;
  • Our suppliers should seek to minimise their environmental footprint, in turn helping Colne BID to minimise its customers’ negative effects on the environment;
  • We expect our suppliers to have a proactive approach to environmental risk management and manage natural resources responsibly; and
  • We require major suppliers in sectors with a high environmental impact to provide evidence of their systems for ensuring good environmental performance.

Colne BID will:

  • be fair and honest in all dealings with suppliers and subcontractors and make payments in accordance with agreed terms;
  • use transparent and appropriate processes to procure goods and services with emphasis on local suppliers being able to bid first for work;
  • provide an environment that enables and encourages the sharing of information and ideas between Colne BIDs and its suppliers;
  • develop and publicly report key metrics that communicate:
  • our conduct and dealings as a procurer of goods and services; and
    • the environmental and social performance of our suppliers.
  • give preference to local suppliers that can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability performance;


  • develop and use appropriate measures to assess the performance of strategic suppliers and those that are engaged in areas or activities that are considered by Colne BIDs as of higher risk. Colne BID expects its suppliers to be transparent in regularly assessing their performance.

Responsibility for the implementation of this policy and review resides with Colne BID’s Executive Leadership team.

This policy will be reviewed regularly. The first review will occur 12 months after its initial implementation, then every two years thereafter.